Basement Flood Damage Cleanup
Basement Flood Damage Cleanup
December 25,2022

Basement Flood Damage Cleanup

Water damage in the basement is a nightmare, and it is unfortunately more common than you might think. There are preventative measures that can dramatically reduce the risk of water damage, but accidents happen and Tidal Wave Restoration is ready when you need professionals to take care of the water damage removal. Tidal Wave Restoration is a reputable water damage restoration company with knowledgeable staff, trained specialists, and some of the latest tools and equipment. We help clients file insurance claims and we can even bill the insurance provider directly in many cases! Call now to get started.

Basement Flood Damage Cleanup

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Some Preventative Measures to Consider

An ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure. If you want to prevent your basement from turning into a disgusting, indoor pool, then consider some of these preventative measures:

  • Install a sump pump. Remember to periodically test it and make necessary repairs. A battery-powered backup is a good idea.
  • Install a backwater valve, which makes pipes and drains flow one-way. This is crucial when gravity is working against the basement.
  • Seal cracks in walls, windows, floors, and the foundation.
  • Clear downspouts and drains of leaves and other debris.
  • Plant trees, shrubs, and plants to help absorb rainwater and melted snow. Make sure trees are a safe distance away from plumbing and utility lines.
  • Practice proper plumbing etiquette. Prevent clogs and frozen or damaged water lines.

Sadly, no amount of prevention can be enough. Disaster strikes in the most unexpected of ways, but Tidal Wave Restoration is ready to help you strike back.

What to Do When Basement Floods

Whether by a burst pipe or torrential rainfall, a flooded basement is a nightmare that can cause panic. Keep calm and observe everything with a collected mind. Shut off the water main valve and turn off the electricity by switching off the respective circuit breakers. If dealing with sewage or blackwater, then wear boots and protective equipment. Floodwater or a burst drain could carry a host of dangerous elements like broken glass, pathogens, and viruses.

With the water flow stopped, you can get started on the cleanup. Vacuum or pump out as much water as possible before scrubbing dirt and grime. Then, use detergent and some bleach to kill off bacteria and microbes. Finally, dry out the area by opening windows if the weather is fair and dry. You can also use fans and dehumidifiers to help remove excess moisture left in the air.

Hire the Professionals

It is going to be time-consuming, dangerous, and a bit gross to clean up a flooded basement. If you prefer to leave that dirty work to the professionals, then call Tidal Wave Restoration and speak with a live representative now. We can have a specialist dispatched to your location in as soon as within 15 to 25 minutes.

Our specialist will assess the damage and help you record damages in the event that we will need to file an insurance claim for you. We can take things from there! Call now to speak with a friendly representative.