Frequently Asked Questions

The courteous representatives at Tidal Wave Restoration are always happy to take your call and answer questions and concerns, but we know people might not always be able to call. So, we have collected some of the most frequently asked questions here. If your question is not answered here, then give us a call. A friendly representative is happy to help.

“What Are the Risks of DIY Damage Repair?”

You might risk losing out on insurance coverage. There are also health risks when dealing with soot, ashes, mold, mildew, blackwater, and others associated with disaster damage. Of course, we cannot forget the safety risks, such as electrical and falling hazards. There is also the risk of making things worse than they are, or overlooking crucial and hidden damage.

“Should I Remove Things and Start Cleaning?”
“How Long Will the Cleanup and Repair Take?”
“What Should I Do While I Wait for You to Arrive?”
“How Much Do Your Services Cost?”
“Can You Come by Today?”