Water Damage Restoration
Water Damage Restoration

Water Damage Restoration Services

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Water Damage Restoration Service

Data from the Insurance Information Institute shows that almost a third of home insurance claims are for water damage and freezing. This is to say water damage is common. If your property has experienced water damage, then call Tidal Wave Restoration as soon as possible to get started on the water removal and water damage restoration in Atlanta. We can have a specialist dispatched to your location as soon as 15 minutes. Our live representatives are on standby to take your call now.

First: Inspection and Assessment

The reason we advise property owners call us before their insurance company is because having a third party inspect and assess the damage can save you from getting lowballed by the insurance adjuster. The specialist from Tidal Wave will arrive shortly to first assess the damage and help you document and record the evidence. This is going to be crucial down the line when you file your insurance claim. By the way, Tidal Wave Restoration can help you with filing your insurance claim as well!


We Provide 24 Hours Water Restoration Services

Next, Get Started on the Water Removal

Water has this inconvenient characteristic of seeping into cracks and permeating through ceilings, floors, and walls. So, our first step will be to salvage any property that we can. Such items include electronics, appliances, furniture, rugs, and so on. With redeemable property secured, our crew will get started on the water removal in Atlanta. 
Don’t worry, we use sophisticated and expensive equipment to make this a quick and painless process.

  • The goal here is to contain the water damage and protect your property from further damage, so time is of the essence. With the bulk of the water removal complete, we will move to the detailed work.
  • We will use similarly sophisticated technology to detect water within the walls and floors before employing water extraction techniques. Finally, dehumidifiers will be used to clear out excess moisture in the air.
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Professional Restoration Services

The Tidal Wave Restoration team offers reliable and emergency water, fire, flood, smoke & soot damage repair, cleanup & restoration services in The Metro Atlanta area.


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Time for Repairs

With the water damage cleanup mostly complete and the air getting dried, we are ready to get started on the actual water damage restoration. This entails water damage repair, such as fixing water-damaged walls, floorboards, ceilings, doors, and so forth. The water damage restoration process can take some time so be patient and rest assured we will have everything back to normal soon. Fortunately, most insurance policies cover your shelter expenses in the meantime!

Speaking of Insurance…

Are you worried about the cost of the water damage repair? If you have been paying your property insurance premiums in a timely manner, then you are in luck. Most property insurance policies will cover a large proportion, if not all, of the costs.
Here is some even better news: Tidal Wave Restoration is happy to help you file your insurance claim and we can bill your insurance directly! What do you have to lose? Call Tidal Wave Restoration to get started on your water damage cleanup in Atlanta today! Our live representatives are ready to take your call now.