Johns Creek, GA
Johns Creek, GA

Water Damage Restoration in Johns Creek

The mess can be overwhelming when your home, office, or industrial facility suffers water damage. Whether you're dealing with leaks, floods, or burst pipes, this type of water damage can cause costly damage quickly. You need to act fast. Tidal Wave Restoration is the top choice in water mitigation services and water damage restoration in Johns Creek. We have the ability and expertise to handle emergency water damage cleanup needs.

What Is Involved in Water Damage Restoration?

Our team of experts will work quickly and efficiently to restore your home or business back to normal as quickly as possible. The process of water damage restoration typically involves the following steps.

Water Extraction

The first step in any restoration service is to remove all standing water from the affected area as quickly as possible. This includes removing any carpeting or flooring that may have been damaged by standing water. A professional will use large fans and dehumidifiers to extract any remaining moisture from the air. The goal is water removal and preventing mold growth, which can be very dangerous for your health. Remove all furniture from the room being dried so that nothing gets damaged during this process.

Removal and Disposal

We remove all water-damaged items from your property. Anything from drywall, wood flooring, carpeting, household or business supplies, and more. Nothing is left behind to breed mold spores.

Structural Drying

Once you've removed all the excess water from your property, you can move on to drying out the damaged areas of your home. This process takes time because it involves removing all moisture from the area and replacing it with dry air from an industrial dehumidifier or other equipment designed for this purpose (such as an air compressor).

Mold Prevention

Mold can grow on almost anything when moisture exists for an extended period of time. It can cause health issues such as respiratory problems or allergies when exposed to high mold spores. To prevent mold growth during the rebuild and restoration phase, our technicians will use dehumidifiers or drying equipment to remove excess moisture.

Rebuild and Restoration

Once all this water has been removed from your property, it’s time for water damage repair, rebuilding, and restoration work to begin. This involves replacing damaged drywall, carpets, flooring, and other items within your home or business so that everything looks new.


Common Causes of Water Damage

Water damage can occur anywhere and anytime, but it's most common in the bathroom, kitchen, and laundry room. When water damage occurs, the best thing to do is call a professional for water damage repair in Johns Creek. Even the smallest amount of water damage can cause lasting damage if not addressed quickly.

  • Water Pressure: If your pipes burst or you have a leaky pipe in your home, a lot of water will flow out and into your home. This can cause serious structural damage to your house and mold growth.
  • Leaky Pipes: Leaky pipes are usually easy to spot if you see puddles on the floor or water leaking from under the sink. While this may seem like an easy fix, it can cause serious damage to your walls and floors if not addressed immediately by a professional restoration company.
  • Mold and Mildew Growth: Mold growth is another common problem after water damage in your home. The mold spores will begin to grow once they come into contact with moisture and air, so you must get rid of them as soon as possible before they spread throughout your home.
  • Flooding: Flooding is one of the most common causes of water damage in homes and businesses. Water from floods can come from various sources, such as overflowing rivers or streams during heavy rains, plumbing issues (burst pipes), or even sewage backups that cause flooding within homes and businesses.
  • Burst Pipes: When a pipe bursts in your home or business, it can cause extensive damage quickly. You will be left with a mess that needs to be cleaned up quickly to prevent mold growth and other health risks.
  • Overflowing toilets: If you have an overflow from your toilet tank or bowl, it is important to clean up the mess immediately before it begins to cause more serious damage.
  • Sump pump failure: Sump pumps are designed to prevent flooding in your basement by pumping the excess water out through a discharge line. If these pumps fail for any reason, they can cause extensive flooding in your basement that requires professional help.

Tidal Wave Restoration

An unexpected disaster can happen at any moment of the year. The consequences? Dismal! You're left with a huge mess, water damage cleanup in Johns Creek, loss of time and money, and bad memories. One moment, you have laundry lines and beautiful colors shining through your living room glass walls, while the next, it's all murky, dismal, and in ruins. When you need fast, professional help that won't cost an arm and a leg, turn to Tidal Wave Restoration.

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