Commercial Water Damage Cleanup Process
Commercial Water Damage Cleanup Process
July 31,2023

Commercial Water Damage Cleanup Process

When the words water damage are mentioned, we usually imagine a home that is affected; however, it can also be a commercial building. It can strike a commercial building at the most unexpected times and be devastating. In this article, we will go over how you can handle the situation if you face something like this and how the process will flow.

Commercial Water Damage Cleanup Process

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What To Do?

  • Try to understand the source of the water. This is important for various reasons. Sometimes, the water comes from a broken pipe, which can initially be handled by turning off the valve. Also, you can see whether the water is clean, which can determine whether you should stay inside or not.
  • For safety reasons, cutting off power is a good idea. You can do this by reaching the circuit panel, but if the panel is in the basement and if the basement is underwater, don’t try to do this because it poses a health hazard. In that case, get out of the building and call professionals so they can cut the power.
  • We know that while you are in a crisis, taking videos and pictures might not come to your mind. However, any type of documentation will be very important for you in the future when you file for an insurance claim, so try not to skip this step. After this, call the insurance company to tell them about your situation.
  • Call a water damage cleanup company so you can start with the restoration process.

After you call the professionals, water damage removal and restoration will start.


First, the professionals will inspect around to understand the root of the problem and try to stop the water. After this, they will inspect the water to understand the contamination level and see if it poses a health hazard.


After inspecting and stopping the water, the removal process will start. This is done with machines called extractors which work like vacuums and pumps. It is especially important if the basement is flooded. After standing water is removed, rest can be taken care of with normal vacuums.


The moisture inside is still there even after the visible water is gone. So, to understand the moisture level the walls and floors have, the professionals may use a moisture meter or a thermal camera. Afterward, large fans and dehumidifiers are brought.

Cleaning Mold

Where the moisture is, there’s going to be mold growth. So, the business will likely need mold cleaning and prevention. The surfaces of your business will be cleaned and sanitized.

Repair and Restoration

Finally, any part of the business affected by the damage will be repaired and restored. If there are parts the specialists cannot restore, they might be replaced.

Do You Need Help With Water Damage Restoration?

We know the stress dealing with water damage at your place of business may cause. However, professionals of Tidal Wave Restoration are here to guide you through the steps of water damage restoration and insurance claims so you can reopen your business. Learn more about how we can help you in this time, and call us today to learn more.