Common Causes of House Fires
Common Causes of House Fires
January 13,2023

Common Causes of House Fires

A house fire is a nightmare for all homeowners but a reality in an estimated 358,000 homes every year, according to the National Fire Protection Association. Worse, the Department of Homeland Security suggests that it can take just 30 seconds for a small flame to turn into a blazing fire. In this brief article brought to you by Tidal Wave Restoration, we will go over some of the common causes of house fires and how you can reduce the risk of one happening in your home. If the damage is done and you need fire damage cleanup or fire damage restoration, then call Tidal Wave Restoration to have a specialist dispatched to your location as soon as possible.

Common Causes of House Fires

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Let’s begin with the most common reason for fires in the home: cooking. Around half of home fires start with cooking activities and these occurrences peak during Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Cooking can go wrong for many reasons and grease tends to play a major part. This is because cooking oil can burst into flames when it becomes too hot. Worst of all, grease fires cannot be put out with water. In fact, using water to put out the fire will cause the fire to burst into a larger flame! When dealing with a grease fire, first turn off the stove and cover the pot with a metal lid to suffocate the fire. If the fire has spread, then you will need to use a fire extinguisher. Evacuate to safety and call 9-1-1 if the fire becomes out of hand!


If you have ever felt your phone heat up, then you know that electricity can create heat. What you don’t want to find out first-hand is that electricity can also create fire! In fact, electrical fires are another leading cause of house fires and cause over 500 deaths per year.

Have your electrical system inspected annually, or biennially at worst, and make necessary repairs sooner rather than later. This does not mean the coast is clear though. Practice proper electrical etiquette:

  • Do not cram extension cords
  • Unplug power cords if you are not using the device or appliance
  • Do not leave space heaters, hair straighteners, and clothing irons ON and unattended
  • Keep heat emitting electronics such as space heaters, hair straighteners, and clothing irons AWAY from flammable objects such as curtains, towels, etc.

Open Fires

Candles are romantic, and they can be super helpful when the electricity goes out but be very careful with them. Do not leave them unattended and make sure they are well-contained and FAR from flammable objects. Similarly, be mindful of your cigarettes if you smoke. Some people even accidentally fall asleep while smoking, potentially dropping the lit cigarette on the carpet or fabric of furniture.

Call Now for Fire Damage Restoration

Are you dealing with a house fire? Call Tidal Wave Restoration to request a fire damage cleanup and restoration. We are proud to serve the Metro Atlanta area and surrounding cities. Our live representatives are on standby to take your call now.