Dangers of Standing Water
Dangers of Standing Water
June 21,2023

Dangers of Standing Water

Water, the elixir of life, is undeniably essential for our existence. From quenching our thirst to nurturing our planet's diverse ecosystems, water is a fundamental element that sustains us. However, there’s a darker side to water; one that can wreak havoc and cause irreparable damage.

Dangers of Standing Water

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In this article brought to you by Tidal Wave Restoration, we explore some of the dangers of standing water. By shedding light on the threats that can arise from standing water, we hope to inspire you to take action and protect your property, health, and loved ones.

If you have experienced water damage to your home or business, then get started on water damage removal or water damage cleanup as soon as possible! Residents in the Metro Atlanta area who are looking for water damage restoration specialists can call Tidal Wave Restoration to arrange an emergency dispatch. Our live representatives are on standby!

Structural Damage to Your Building

Perhaps one of the most insidious effects of standing water is its incredible ability to compromise the structural integrity of buildings. When the water accumulates within walls, floors, or ceilings, it can weaken foundations, crack concrete, warp wood, and even corrode metals. Over time, these issues can lead to costly repairs, reduced property value, and even render your building structurally unsafe.

Electrical Shock, Electrocutions, and Electrical Fires

It is no secret that water and electricity make for a deadly duo. When standing water infiltrates electrical systems, it poses an imminent danger to anything, and anyone, nearby. Water conducts electricity and increases the risk of electrical shock, electrocutions, and electrical fires. Even a seemingly harmless puddle can hide unbelievable magnitudes of electricity. This is why water damage restoration is best left to professionals who have the experience, expertise, and proper protective equipment.

Health Hazards

Water isn’t a source of life for only humans. Standing water is a breeding ground for various microorganisms, including bacteria, viruses, and fungi. These unwelcome guests can cause a range of health problems, from respiratory issues and skin irritations to allergies and infections. Moreover, the growth of mold and mildew in damp environments can release harmful spores into the air, worsening existing respiratory conditions and posing a severe health risk, particularly for those with weakened immune systems and allergies.

Pest Infestations

Water attracts not only microscopic organisms but also in-your-face pests. Mosquitoes, for example, thrive in stagnant water and can multiply rapidly, posing a significant threat due to the diseases they can carry. Other unwanted guests like cockroaches, rodents, and termites are also dependent on moist environments, and their presence can further compromise the integrity of your property, threaten your health, and ruin your comfort zone.

Water Damage Cleanup Should NOT Wait

Standing water is rarely just standing. Water has a way of making its way. If left alone, water can seep through the walls, floorboards, ceilings, and your personal property. Water damage is not like a wound that heals with time. To the contrary, water damage only gets worse. Don’t postpone water damage cleanup. Call Tidal Wave Restoration to have a specialist dispatch to your location as soon as possible.

We offer competitive pricing and even help clients file insurance claims to make sure the insurance company pays their fair share. Call Tidal Wave Restoration to consult with a knowledgeable member of our team today.