Does Home Insurance Cover Water Damage?
Does Home Insurance Cover Water Damage?
December 25,2022

Does Home Insurance Cover Water Damage?

Homeowners often make a costly mistake of getting too comfortable. For instance, paying the home insurance premium might make you feel like property damages are no longer YOUR problem. That might not be the case. You COULD be on the hook for certain water damage, for example. In this article brought to you by Tidal Wave Restoration, we will dive into how home insurance policies deal with water damage claims. If you need water damage removal or water damage restoration in Atlanta, you can call Tidal Wave Restoration for a free consultation. Our specialists and crew are on standby to dispatch to your location as soon as possible.

Does Home Insurance Cover Water Damage?

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Your Best Source for an Answer

There are many home insurance providers, and there are even variations in home insurance policies. Though there are similarities among policies, your best source for an answer is your home insurance policy. The print might be small, but there is a lot of information to be found. You could also call your insurance provider directly and ask questions, or hypothetical questions.

What is Usually Covered by Home Insurance?

Insurance is meant to protect the homeowner against sudden, accidental, and unexpected events. As you can imagine, there is a lot of work made out for lawyers here. When determining whether the damage is covered by home insurance, the insurance adjuster will investigate to determine whether the damage was accidental or sudden. That is, was it out of the homeowner’s control? Generally, these are things that are covered:

  • Water damage caused by a storm
  • Accidental or sudden water leaks
  • Accidental or sudden water backups

What is NOT Covered by Home Insurance?

One important thing to keep in mind is that the standard homeowners’ insurance policy likely does NOT cover flood damage. You will need to purchase separate flood insurance for that. Further, water damage may NOT be covered by the insurance company if it finds negligence on the part of the homeowner.

For instance, corrosion and rust on the plumbing pipes that have burst will indicate that the homeowner failed to make necessary repairs. Mold and rotting are other things the adjuster will make a case around. In short, you must do your part to maintain the property and reduce the risk of water damage.

This means you should schedule routine inspections and maintenance for plumbing pipes, appliances, and fixtures, and you should handle repairs as soon as possible.

Dealing with Water Damage? We Can Help

If you are looking for water removal or water damage restoration in the Atlanta area, then you are at the right place. Tidal Wave Restoration offers a range of water damage repair, cleanup, and restoration services, and we help with the insurance claim too!

If you are experiencing water damage, then call Tidal Wave Restoration before you call the insurance adjuster. Our specialist will help you assess the damage and record the necessary evidence for the forms we will file later. Don’t let the insurance company lowball you or give you a hard time. You deserve what’s yours!