How To Prepare for A Rainstorm
How To Prepare for A Rainstorm
January 01,2023

How To Prepare for A Rainstorm

Rainstorms can prove disastrous for unprepared homes in low-lying areas, and there is no bad time to prepare your property for heavy rains. This is especially true if you live in Georgia, but Georgians have reliable company in Tidal Wave Restoration. We are here to offer some tips on preparing for a rainstorm, and we are also at your service when you need water damage repair or water damage restoration in Metro Atlanta and surrounding cities. Call Tidal Wave Restoration any time to speak with a live representative and request an urgent dispatch or schedule a flexible appointment.

How To Prepare for A Rainstorm

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Seal Your Home

Doors, windows, and even roofs are usually not as sturdy and reliable as we’d like them to be. Even by design, some products are lackluster. There’s no harm in adding some extra fortification. You can use caulk to seal any openings in door frames, windows, basement floors, and ceilings. We also recommend a roof inspection once a year, ideally before the storm season. If you are expecting a severe storm, then consider sealing off windows completely to protect them from breaking.

Properly Designed Drainage

One line of defense is not enough when combatting the force of mother nature. Install proper drainage, and we recommend leave this work to professionals if you do not have experience. Improper grading, or slope, of the drainage can make matters worse by collecting water in the plumbing.

We also recommend a sump pump if you have a basement or floors underground. This device is installed within a pit in the lowest part of your home. When the sump pit fills with water, the pump activates and sends the excess water and moisture away from the property. The sump pump should be tested regularly and repaired if necessary.

Clean the Gutter and Drains

Drains and gutters are great but they cannot do everything on their own. Dirt and debris can get caught in the drains and gutters, and the homeowner should get in the habit of cleaning these a couple of times a year at least. Clogged gutters and drains can cause water to flood over and collect at the worst places. They can also cause extensive damage to the drain system and gutters altogether.

Trim Risky Branches

Storms with high winds can turn damaged branches into flying weapons. If you are expecting a severe storm, then make sure precarious branches and leaning trees are inspected by tree service professionals. Insurance providers can reject a claim if they find you neglected preventative measures such as this. This is especially costly considering falling branches can crash through the roof of cars and homes.

Need Water Damage Restoration?

If you live in the Metro Atlanta and are looking for a reliable and experienced water damage company, then call Tidal Wave Restoration to speak with a courteous representative now. We have uniformed specialists on standby, ready to dispatch to your location in 15-25 minutes. We are happy to help you record water damage and even file your insurance claim. Tidal Wave Restoration is on your side!