How To Prevent Supply Line Leaks?
How To Prevent Supply Line Leaks?
June 28,2023

How To Prevent Supply Line Leaks?

Water leaks are nightmares for any property owner, but supply line leaks are especially threatening. While leaking drains come with health hazards, a water line leak usually comes with more water damage. Fortunately, there are things you can do to reduce the risk of supply line leaks. In this brief article brought to you by Tidal Wave Restoration, we share some tips to prevent supply line leaks. If the damage is done, then call Tidal Wave for urgent water damage cleanup. Act quick to prevent further damage!

How To Prevent Supply Line Leaks?

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Schedule Routine Plumbing Inspections

You might have a water leak and not even know it! Hidden water leaks can go on for months before homeowners notice signs, but a plumber can detect even leaks within the walls. They can also identify corroded or rusting pipes and make repairs before the water line leaks. You probably scheduled a plumbing inspection during your home purchase, but have you kept up? The number one step toward prevention is awareness.

Insulate Your Plumbing Pipes

Repairing corroded or vulnerable pipes is essential, but a truly preventative measure would be to insulate the pipes. Insulated pipes can steady the water temperature and prevent freezing pipes. Moreover, insulation saves you on energy bills by keeping the water temperature consistent. Insulation can also protect your pipes from external threats like gnawing rodents and destructive pests.

Consider a Water Filtration System

Many times, the damage comes from within. Excess minerals and sediments in the water supply can build up in the water line. This accumulation can cause a blockage and increase the internal pressure. Over time, that force can push through connection points and even damage the pipes themselves.

A water filtration system can remove harmful or excess minerals and sediments from the water supply. A water softener, for instance, is especially helpful against that chalky white stuff you might see on your silverware or glasses. This valuable device can prevent blockages and save you time and resources on cleaning and maintenance.

Plant Trees Mindfully

Keep your water line in mind when planting trees and shrubs. Invasive tree roots can penetrate the water line in their search for water. Consider planting options with short and non-expansive roots, or plant the trees and shrubs a safe distance away from the water line. You may also want to remove or relocate existing ones.

Dealing with Water Damage? Call NOW!

Taking proactive measures to prevent supply lines is essential, but accidents and oversight are realities of life. If you are dealing with a supply line leak or burst water line, then turn off the main water shutoff valve to stop the water supply. Then, carefully get started on the water damage removal. If water has contacted appliances or electrical outlets, then step back and call professionals!

Whether you are doing it yourself or hiring a water damage restoration company, time is of the essence when it comes to water damage cleanup! Water can seep through furniture, flooring, and walls, potentially damaging your building’s structural integrity. Act now!