Signs Your Ceiling Sustained Water Damage
Signs Your Ceiling Sustained Water Damage
June 18,2023

Signs Your Ceiling Sustained Water Damage

Water damage goes unnoticed by many homeowners until the damage is entirely unignorable size. Unfortunately, water damage can cause many problems and affect many systems inside our houses, resulting in high costs due to damage repair. Therefore, knowing the early signs of water damage is crucial. In this article, we will review some signs that show your ceiling has sustained water damage.

Signs Your Ceiling Sustained Water Damage

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High Water Bills

If your water bills have been rising abnormally high even though there’s no unusual water usage in your home, this can be due to a water leak. Even if the leak is minor, it can quickly grow bigger as time passes and show itself on your bill. That’s why as a homeowner, you must know what your average water usage is and what your regular accounts look like. This way, you can compare your previous bills with the current ones and be alert in case of a leak. 

Mold Formation

Mold is the silent enemy of our home and our health. It is a type of fungus that tends to grow when it finds a suitable humid and warm environment. If you have been experiencing upper respiratory tract issues such as asthma, difficulty breathing, sneezing, or coughing, this may be related to mold. You may also visibly see its formation, especially around areas like the kitchen or bathroom.

Damaged Exteriors

Observe the outside of your home closely for water damage signs too. Many homeowners only look for water damage signs indoors, but that doesn’t have to be the case. If there are damaged, broken, or missing shingles on the roof and you see water in unlikely places, this can be due to water damage caused by improper drainage, broken gutters, or missing parts of a roof.

Low Water Pressure

When there’s a water leak in various parts of a home, many homeowners experience low water pressure. If no one else is using the water at a given time and you suddenly experience a drop in water pressure, this may be due to a leak in the system. 

Water Stains

There are many indications that the ceiling was flooded, and water stains are one of the most typical symptoms. The stains can be in various sizes and colors, including brown, yellow, or white, depending on the content of the flooded water and the severity of the issue. They can be due to a leaky pipe, a clogged gutter, or a backed-up sewage line. They may appear and disappear or can be permanent.

Sagging or Bulging

Another very prominent sign of water damage in the ceiling is the sagging or bulging of the ceiling. Sagging ceilings are particularly dangerous because there’s no way of knowing whether they will fall and how much damage they can cause. So, it’s a risky sign; if you see this, contact a professional immediately.

The Professionals You Need In Case Of A Water Damage

We hope this article helps you with identifying water damage in your home. Unfortunately, even if you are a very responsible homeowner who takes the necessary precautions, sometimes water damage is inevitable. Luckily, the professionals of Tidal Wave Restoration are happy to help you and your family with water damage cleanup and restoration if you experience it. Our team will first come to your home, assess the situation, perform water damage removal as soon as possible, and later try to save the rest of your home from being permanently damaged by water. We are available 24/7; call us today.